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Josh Nelson
Product Designer (Now with Facebook)

Josh left EvenVision in 2019 to become a Product Engineer at Facebook. We are incredibly proud of the trajectory his career has taken and whish him continued success. Josh has reflected on his time at EvenVision in the following way:

Hi my name is Josh Nelson and I am proud to call myself an EvenVision alumni. I had the distinct pleasure of working at EvenVision for nearly seven and half years (2012-2019) alongside a brilliant and dedicated team lead by Garrett Perks. After spending years growing my skills at EvenVision I was offered an opportunity to join Facebook as a Senior Product Designer and am now a part of their Enterprise Engineering team. 

EvenVision provided an incredibly unique space to grow in my formative years as a young professional designer. The environment created by Garrett is one that lifts up and supports people dedicated to good honest work and provides an amazing opportunity for exploration through hands on experience. Working at a small creative web agency is like nothing else, I was directly involved in the work of helping businesses and organizations flourish and had the opportunity to create real value for people in my community and beyond. Furthermore, Garrett's spent years constructing a business that grew and stretched as I learned new skills and picked up new ways to drive impact for our customers. It's for this reason that I stayed for years, because there was never a day where I wasn't growing and learning and trying something new, and not a single day went by that I questioned either the impact of my work or the investment my boss made in me daily. By the time I finally bid farewell, EvenVision had grown from a small operation helping a few clients, to a thriving business driving value for hundreds of clients while making products that reached hundreds of thousands to millions of visitors a year. 

I was incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work at EvenVision. It's not just the hard skills that matter in the end, but the time Garrett invested in making sure I was able to grow the soft skills required to succeed in life and my future career. The skills that I nurtured at EvenVision and the insights I learned from Garrett and the rest of the team I utilize every single day at my job at Facebook. They are skills that have helped me to flourish, grow and quickly increase my role and responsibility to drive impact in one of the largest tech companies in the world. I would not be where I am today without the support that Garrett provided for years, and my opportunity to work alongside my peers at EvenVision. In the future, I hope to have the pleasure of working on the team at EvenVision again.