Garrett Perks, EvenVision Founder adjusts tie
Garrett Perks

Garrett is the Founder of EvenVision, a Northern California web development & digital marketing firm. He is a gifted communicator who works with a client's marketing staff to understand the client's unique identity and goals, and direct the design & development of creative marketing campaigns & web applications.

In addition to his work at EvenVision, Garrett also serves on the Board of Directors of the Baptist Foundation of California, and loves to hike, paddle & explore the natural beauty of his home state of California.

Since founding EvenVision he has focused on building the best possible team of designers and developers, assisting in their professional development & creating a professional atmosphere where each team member is able to reach their greatest potential.

Web, social and mobile technologies offer incredible potential. For Garrett, the best part of every project is getting to know the unique goals and challenges of each new client & finding ways to creatively harness the tools technology offers to help each client overcome key challenges and move them closer to fulfilling their goals.