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This large, Northern California-based importer needed an online platform that all their customers could use and that connected several other systems. To meet these needs, we:

  • Built a website to serve both retail and wholesale customers
  • Integrated wholesale accounts and complex pricing structure into website
  • Set up API integrations between the website and other systems like their Tumblr blog and document signing for wholesale accounts

Tika Imports page example

TIKA is a large importer of jewelry, beads, and stones, and it needed more than just a simple e-commerce website. It sells to both retail and wholesale clientele nationwide. We’re happy with how the design work and the beautiful photography look on the site.

We also did extensive programming to integrate the wholesale aspect of the site with their other business systems and facilitate the complex wholesale pricing structure. To streamline the user experience and overall functionality, we set up API integrations between the site and several other systems, including fulfillment accounts and shipper accounts.

One of the API integrations was digital document signing for the reseller application. It takes wholesaler signatures on business documents without needing the wholesalers to leave the website or print out a copy to sign, speeding up the process. The Tumblr blog was also integrated in an interesting way -- instead of automatically pulling images from the Tumblr blog to the website’s home page, TIKA staff can pick and choose which photos from the blog to feature right on the website.

"In case I forget to mention it often enough, I really appreciate how you put such careful thought and consideration to all my quirky requests. It is great that you have a flexible mind that can comprehend all these things, putting yourself in my shoes and figuring solutions out..."

—Julie Joynt


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