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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO: If Nobody Finds You, It Doesn't Matter How Great You Are

Find out how to ensure your site gets found in key search results:

Is your beautiful and expensive website not getting enough traffic? Reach out to us and we'll help you get the traffic your site deserves. Search Engine Optimization makes sure your site appears at the top of search engine results by improving your website's content and structure as well as the references to your site elsewhere on the web. Effective SEO will make sure your audience finds your site so the return on your investment in a great website can be maximized!

Some SEO Victories in Brief


  • Through carefully implementing SEO best practices traffic for the first two months of 2018 vs 2017 rose by over 87.22% for our local McKinleyville based nursery - Singing Tree Gardens
  • By providing pointers to tackle SEO Eureka-based music store, Mantovas Two Street Music, increased traffic to their site by 30.92% for the second half of 2017 - check out their site.
  • Constructing a site based on SEO best practices allowed for Humboldt Botanical Gardens website to rank well in key search results driving new visitors to experience their site & the garden. Within six months after launching they had received a record 6000+ visitors - check out their site
  • Armed with a robust website, Arcata based graphic design company Visual Concepts has been positioned to strongly outrank their competitors for all major location-based SEO search terms - Visual Concepts
  • Through a comprehensive website overhaul Eureka-based firm CMMTax now ranks locally strong for key search terms within Humboldt County - check out their site.



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There are Two Key Types of SEO:

One or both may be best for you, depending on your audience and industry.

Keyword SEO:

Keyword optimization is the most common form of SEO. We will help you identify the keywords your potential customers are searching for. We then work with your content to ensure those terms are strongly associated with your website by major search providers. We can also help you identify and resolve any problems with your site that are currently hurting you in search rankings. Before long we'll have your competitors envious of your new-found prominence in search rankings!

Location SEO:

A newer form of SEO, Location or Citation-Based SEO is crucial for businesses who depend on a local audience -- restaurants, tourist attractions, attorneys, plumbers and contractors, etc. Increasingly, the devices we search on know our physical location and search engines will present us with location-based search results filled with near-by options. To rank well in these searches you need to be sure that correct NAP data (Name, Address and Phone Number) for your business is listed where search engines look to index this type of data. If you'd like to excel with Location SEO, or have noticed your competitors outrank your business in leading search results, then reach out to us now so we can help you!

Websites are alive:

We believe that websites are living, breathing extensions of your business and identity. They are never perfect and never complete. Links break, and browsers are constantly updated. They exist within an ever evolving environment where search engines change their algorithms and web standards continually evolve. 

Because of this we are constantly learning and sharing with our clients the latest changes to their websites environment. Updating them on new tactics, techniques, and methods for reaching people and being found, and working together with our clients as partners in long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships. 

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