Headshot for Matt Gross
Matt Gross
Front-End Engineer (Now with Tesla)

Matt Gross left EvenVision in 2019 to become a Front End Engineer at Tesla where he built many of the animations for the launch of the Cybertruck and other projects he can't tell us about! We are incredibly proud to have been a part of his professional development & the trajectory his career has taken. We wish continued success in his new position. Matt reflects on his time at EvenVision in the following way:

After nearly 7 years at EvenVision, looking back is filled with a lot of different emotions.

The company has grown and changed, had a few bad seasons, far more good ones, and helped guide my formative career steps from some guy to designer to developer to engineer.

More than the company, the personal mentorship of Garrett had an unquantifiable impact on how I’ve learned to think, work on a team, and solve problems.

It’s been about a year since I moved to Tesla, and I still view the industry very much through the perspective that I developed together with Garrett in the first few months with EvenVision. Basic principles, like: “Make things that actually work”, have remarkably set me apart in the industry.

My time here has made a deep impression on me, for the better.