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What is SEO?

Does your site have good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

When somebody uses a search engine, roughly 50% will click on one of the top three organic (non-paid) results. Of that, the top result will get 31% of the clicks. Clearly, ranking near the top of the page is huge. But how do you increase your standing in search results? A key component of this is Search Engine Optimization.

what is SEO

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What SEO Means:

Search Engine Optimization is the process of designing the website to maximize the likelihood of showing up higher in search results.  A search engine is something like Google or Bing. If your site doesn't have good SEO, it'll be harder for Google to index it and significantly less likely to hold a high rank in the results.

There are two main components to SEO.


On-site SEO

Off-site SEO


On-site: has to do with the technical structure of the website and its pages, which requires a pretty deep understanding of programming and web development.

Off-site: efforts that involve your overall web presence on other sites. When a credible site links to your site, it helps to build up your site's credibility. This is called "link building". Link building is supplemented by citation information that includes NAPW (Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website) data. NAPW is featured by review or business websites like Yelp, Super Pages, or Google My Business. It's important to make sure these sites have complete and consistent information to give search engines confidence in showing your business to the right people, increasing your position in searches.

How to check your SEO.

An extremely basic way to check your general SEO is to do a Google search for the name of your business.

Of course, it depends on the name, but if you don't show up within the first few results that might mean there's something wrong with your SEO.

On-site: If you don't have the technical expertise to fiddle with anything behind the scenes, you'll need to ask a professional to evaluate this, or using one of the (rather complicated) tools that Google provides.

Off-site: you can evaluate the NAPW data by using a tool like Moz Local to check if there are any glaring inconsistentcies on the various citation sites. Otherwise, you can check the consistency of the information by manually exploring each site.

Other Tools: Additionally, using services such as Google's Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics can help provide you with a wealth of information that can be used to analyze the performance of your site's SEO.

EvenVision is also proud to offer free comprehensive SEO-audits for your business. Check out our article: SEO Audit - EvenVision Style to learn about how we perform audits that focus on Strategy, Evaluation and Optimization.


Why is SEO important?

Search Engine Optimization is what makes sure your site ranks well on search engine results.

If your site doesn't have proper SEO (of which, mobile optimization is a part) it will be placed lower on the list, which DRASTICALLY reduces the traffic your link will get. Remember that just the first result gets around 31% of all traffic.

Furthermore, if you are properly deploying Search Engine Optimization best practices you can experience some truly amazing benefits in new traffic arriving on your site. 

As one example one of our clients in Northern California experienced a 184% increase in traffic from properly executing on-site SEO. What would you do with an additional 184% traffic on your website?


How to do it.


When EvenVision creates websites, we have several automated processes that ensure best practices for on-site SEO. So any sites we build will already have it. Ideally, other agencies practice proper SEO while building, but there's no guarantee, so it's something you should be sure to look into.

However, if you're looking to improve the on-site SEO of a pre-existing website, then you'll need a professional to dig down into the nitty-gritty of the site, to change and update settings, tags, alt-text, and more.



To build links, you generally need to create good content that people value and share. Creating good content is one of the surest ways to bring more traffic and build more links. If you can provide a quality tangible resource or service that consumers will seek out, the doors to good search result ranks will open. Spamming a link to your website will actually harm your SEO because Google has taken active measures to prevent that kind of behavior.

To spread NAPW data, you can submit it to the appropriate sites, or request the incorrect information they have be updated. Updating NAPW data is one of the surest ways to improve your standing with Google (especially local), and is well worth the time. 

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