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Reduce your Website’s Impact on our Environment

The internet consumes nearly 10% of all electricity used on Earth.

If it were a nation, it would be the sixth largest consumer on the planet behind Russia, Japan, China, India, and the US. In terms of carbon dioxide emissions, the internet emits the same amount as the entire aviation industry. Nearly every website on earth contributes to this problem and we find that many of our clients and potential clients aren’t aware of this issue and what they can do to help. 

A website runs 24 hours a day and many website owners haven’t thought about the sizable carbon footprint of the modern internet. As a result, their current site may be silently consuming considerable non-renewable power and imposing a substantial carbon footprint without their realizing it. It is important to us to do something about this and to give our clients options for doing so as well. 

Our Dedication to our Environment

Beginning in Winter of 2018, all of our new sites will begin being deployed to carbon-neutral servers that have a net-zero impact on fossil fuel consumption and a net zero carbon footprint. 

It is important for a website to have an extremely stable power source to avoid unplanned downtime that can impact sales and a business’s public image. For this reason, essentially all web servers run on power provided by the public power grid. To neutralize the carbon and fossil fuel impact of a website it is necessary to neutralize the energy and carbon it consumes from the public grid. 

We do this by purchasing renewable energy to be returned to the public grid for each kWh consumed by our servers and by funding the removal of carbon emissions from the atmosphere through forest land restoration and other carbon negative environmental projects. We do this by partnering with nonprofits who pool resources efficiently from similarly concerned businesses and organizations. We find this to be the best way to have the impact we desire without jeopardizing the world-class stability of our web servers’ power source.  


You can learn more about our partners in this work by visiting Carbonfund.org here! 




Starting in Winter 2018, all sites we deploy will be carbon neutral and have a net zero impact on fossil fuel consumption. We’ve created the logo below to raise awareness about the environmental impact of the internet and to allow our clients to do likewise. All clients on our new green servers will have the option of deploying this logo on their site to help raise awareness for this issue and show their commitment to minimizing their own site’s carbon footprint.  



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Resources & References: Forbes | ClickClean | Phys.org | Green Peace | Tech Pundit


Together we will make a difference. 


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