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Welcome to your 24/7 storefront. Attract visitors. Inspire buyers. A good website will encourage people to engage your company and story as well as buy your product. Our eCommerce strategies employ User Experience methodologies and Consumer Behavior statistics to capitalize on focused conversion funnels that guide customers through a painless shopping experience. 

Our eCommerce websites are powered by comprehensive data collection and analysis to create actionable insights for continuous evolution and improvement. We carefully evaluate the Return on Investment & Time to Value of all our work to ensure your technology investment will increase sales, meet future demand, all while helping to automate your business.

Root Cause Analysis
Brand Position & Competitive Analysis
Systems & Security
Performance Review
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Digital Marketing Analysis
Digital Strategy
Collaborative Pathway Development
Research, Trends & Insights
Product Engineering
Interactive Tools
Interactive Content
Information Architecture
Accessibility & ADA compliance
Enterprise Grade Systems
Data Migration
Performance Metrics
Sales Tracking/Analytics
Success Signposting
Wholesale eCommerce
Responsive/Mobile Friendly

EvenVision's Ecommerce Development Process 

(In Brief)


We invest time in learning your unique workflows, looking for opportunities to make meaningful improvements, while also considering your market and brand strategy. We then select the platform, third-party systems and digital strategies best suited for your business needs. 


We build the tools that will help you reach new customers, encourage purchasing, and streamline data reporting for your unique objectives. We build eCommerce websites that adhere to best practices in Mobile Friendly Responsive Design, optimizing the site for excellent performance and social share-ability.


Working alongside your team, we help interpret the wealth of data collected and make proactive suggestions to improve your bottom line through Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing Strategies, Conversion Rate, and Customer Life Cycle analysis. 

Return on Investment + Time to Value

On every eCommerce project, we seek to understand the true Return on Investment & Time to Value of the systems we construct and the platforms we use. It's critical for your business to understand what your investment is worth.


Business to Consumer

Expand your Horizons.

Good eCommerce websites do more than simply show off your product. Good eCommerce sites help people discover, encourage them to explore, provide them with confidence in your business/product and capitalize on the entire Customer Lifecycle.

We specialize in developing custom eCommerce solutions that capitalize on a wide variety of major third-party systems. Our goal is to provide you with the solution that best fits the requirements of your business and the expectations of your customers, while carefully considering future goals and objectives to ensure the platform can scale with the growth your business will experience. 

Some of the Features of our eCommerce projects:

  • Fully Custom Web Design
  • Complete Product Catalogs w/ Comprehensive Filtering
  • Simple, Secure Checkout Systems
  • Merchant Account Integration
  • Secure Payment Processing (SSL + PCI Compliance)
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Custom Shipping & Fulfillment Strategies
  • Tiered Customer Accounts
  • Comprehensive Custom Data Reporting and/or Simplified Dashboards
  • Custom Discount & Coupon Strategies
  • Community Content Generation (Product Reviews, Feedback, Q&A)
  • Product Listing Search Engine Optimization
  • Recurring Payment & Subscription Strategies
  • Customer Relationship Management & Sales Integration
  • Content Management & Blended eCommerce Systems
  • Integrated Social Media eCommerce
  • Automated Email Marketing

And that's the brief list...

eCommerce Strategies

Optimizing Your Customer Lifetime Value
Our goal isn't simply to build the tools, but to empower you to take your business's digital presence to the next level and feel the bottom line grow. It's time to Thrive.


Awareness > Motivation

Search Engine Optimization best practices help customers discover your business. Combined with Motivation strategies, you can bring them to your site and encourage them to explore your products & services.

Acquisition > Engagement > Conversion

Acquisition strategies bring customers to your site from referral sources, while engagement measures level of interest customers have in your business. Conversion funnels drive people towards key interactions designed to reach your objectives.

Retention > Loyalty

Retention strategies bring customers back, encouraging them to reinvest in your business which develops loyalty for your brand. Loyal customers provide word of mouth referrals that drive dramatic sales increases.



Business to Business &

Automate Your Touchpoints. Let Data Drive Success.
Time is Money. It's important that the system you're investing in not only save you time now but produce data that can save you time in the future. Our team works with you to carefully understand your unique needs and requirements helping you receive valuable data, automate your sales funnels, and produce custom reports designed to keep you at the top of your game.


Data input needs to be intuitive and concise for both businesses and their customers. Systems should streamline access and produce valuable data for measurement. We make sure your systems are designed to produce valuable data for both parties.


B2B needs a careful application of automation. Easy tools that allow clients quick and seamless access to make complex orders, without your need to hold their hand, are essential to minimizing overhead. We work alongside your team to streamline workflows, saving you precious management time.


Track and monitor the success of orders, the value of individual products, and the desires of customers. Your business needs the power to gain quick, actionable insights and apply them without disruption. We work to develop custom reporting systems, streamlining data interpretation.



Your Business is Unique.

No two businesses are the same, no two products are the same, and no two customers are the same. We take pride in the unique custom solutions we construct and the results they provide to our clients. Our work requires a careful understanding of your goals and objectives and the way your business works. Together we can challenge the status quo. Together we can thrive.

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    Ready to stop surviving and start thriving? We're here to help you increase your efficiency and take your business to the next level.

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Explore our Capabilities

  • Agile Development

    We employ multiple development environments to brainstorm, test new tools/workflows, try out ideas, then use version control to push new features live to maximize their immediate value for your organization.

  • Content Creation
    We remove the complexity of Copywriting, Photography & Videography focusing on harmonizing your dialogue. Optimizing social sharability, SEO, and authority metrics while answering human questions.
  • Digital Opportunity Discovery

    Opportunity must be found, understood, and firmly grasped. We explore and proactively seek to discover new opportunities for your organization including product ideation, service expansion, marketing or IT/management development, and more. If there are opportunities, we will find them.

  • Digital Security
    People expect and deserve secure connections. Our systems protect personal information and encrypt data transfers for peace of mind.
  • Digital Strategy
    Knowing where you're going and how to get there is important for getting to the right destination. We're here to walk you through that process, with simple proven strategies.
  • eCommerce

    Commerce on the web is a nexus point for many of our services, Data Science, Root Cause Analysis, User testing & Refinement, all have some of their best expressions here.

  • Interactive Tools
    We craft digital tools that can automate connections & development community, report custom metrics & resolve business issues, while adding to the bottom line of your organization.
  • Member Networking
    We build secure user-based systems providing either a multitude of staff layers or user integration for complex interactions, monitoring, and control. These systems often combine complex e-commerce platforms with reporting and relationship automation.
  • Performance Metrics
    Quantitative & Qualitative analysis removes the fog, bringing clarity to the value of your investment. We understand your website to make precise-updates that add measurable value to your organization.
  • Product Engineering

    We can build custom apps and products to accomplish the goals of diverse and uniquely demanding industry requirements.

  • Systems & Security

    Understanding the systems in place is critical to developing & resolving pain points for a business. We analyze your site's framework, content management system, check SSL security and much more.

  • Accessibility & ADA compliance

    We’re construct products & websites that are designed with accessibility in mind, and that are compliant with ADA guidelines.

  • Brand Position & Competitive Analysis

    Understanding your competition & position opens doors to new opportunities. Together we can mold a unique brand.

  • Brand Presence Control
    Maintaining a cohesive & controlled brand can be a challenge as organizations grow in size. We help monitor your brand's presence cross-platform, checking implementation, visual & verbal execution.
  • CMS & CRM Development

    A good CMS gives control over content, helps prevent breakage, and makes it easier to generate. A CRM likewise helps manage contacts, communication, and grow your organization in new ways.

  • Collaborative Pathway Development
    Together we maintain course keeping your organization out of ditches, monitoring changes in the environment to keep you on the best path.
  • Data Migration
    We transfer Data, no matter the size & type from one system to the next, helping you get the most out of the data you've collected.
  • Digital Marketing Analysis
    Speaking the same language can be tricky with a wide variety of outlets. Our goal is to harmonize your marketing to speak clearly.
  • Digital Stewardship
    As digital stewards, we proactively care & manage digital artifacts, from concept, definition, creation, accessibility, recycling and preservation. As your partner we will keep you brand present, consistent & optimized.
  • Email Systems
    From setup, data transform, to optimization, control & monitoring, whether for internal use of external marketing strategies our team can help remove the confusion and provide the systems you need.
  • Enterprise Grade Systems
    Go bigger. Shoot for the Moon. Enterprise-grade systems handle massive spikes in traffic, managing extensive & comprehensive data seamlessly while prioritizing security. We help you go big.
  • Identity Definition

    Quality identities speak volumes about an organization. Together we analyze visual dialogue and bring definition to your identity.

  • Information Architecture

    Websites need to be intuitive to navigate and easy to maintain. IA maps out and plans a strong foundation for growth, and ease-of-use.

  • Interactive Content
    Surprise, delight, and exceed expectations with beautifully crafted interactive content that leaves a positive lasting impression. We help you go above and beyond.
  • Niche Systems Engineering

    Every business has unique needs. We develop custom tools & systems to match the exact requirements of your organization and help develop & transform them as your organization evolves.

  • Performance Optimization

    We use the latest technologies and best practices to make sure that the sites are constructed and designed to be optimized for the speed that users expect and demand.

  • Performance Review
    People feel digital speed. Lightening fast websites attract visitors and draw them in. We help your business fly fast.
  • Research, Trends & Insights
    Keeping your best foot forward means you're always on top of the latest developments. We monitor the changes and keep you up to date.
  • Responsive/Mobile Friendly

    We build responsive websites that put your organization's best foot forward no matter the size of the screen.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    A business can cover over, or ignore problems, or it can roll up it’s sleeves, get a little messy, and tackle the deeper challenges.

  • Sales Tracking/Analytics
    Data is powerful as long as it can be interpreted. Our team helps generate, interpret and creation actional steps for your business to capitalize on digital commerce & marketing systems.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    SEO doesn't need to be expensive & doesn't need to be complicated. We audit, monitor, and consult to help you rank above your competition.
  • SEO Tooling
    SEO is simple as long as you've got the right tools. All sites we construct come equipped with the proper systems required to capitalize on all on-site SEO metrics.
  • Social Content & Engagement
    Shareable content is increasingly in demand. Our team helps you develop & deploy content optimized for engagement throughout social platforms.
  • Sprint & Intensive Deadlines
    Tight timeframe. No problem. Our team sprints alongside you to meet intensive deadlines, bringing clarity to the chaos. Our minimum viable product methodology keeps your costs low & presentation quality high.
  • Success Signposting
    We perform signpost success exercises designed to track patterns & trends in your unique digital environment. These sessions shine a light on areas of weakness and allow your organization to capitalize on its strengths.
  • Third Party Integrations
    From simple integrations to comprehensive interwoven systems our team can help combine the power of your website with third-party tools to maximize your returns.
  • User Testing/Feedback
    Refinement is a process. Simplicity is the byproduct. We employ strategies for testing various executions & systems against real users providing us actionable feedback and direction for your organization.
  • Wholesale eCommerce

    Beyond B2C eCommerce, we specialize in constructing B2B wholesale shopping platforms & tools for your business to flourish without hassle.


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