Institute for Wildlife Studies

Reforging an Old Website for Modern Users
Web Design & Development

When your website is the public face of your organization, a migration sounds risky because you can’t afford to lose content or experience downtime.

But when your website interface is difficult to use and content management is a regular challenge, a migration may be necessary.

That was the case with the Institute for Wildlife Studies when they approached EvenVision in early 2021. This California-based non-profit has spent more than 40 years protecting threatened and endangered wildlife, while connecting the public with conservation projects throughout the country.

Their website has been a valuable outreach tool since it first went live in 2000, back when web development platform Dreamweaver was top-of-the-line. But this older, code-based interface is very different from modern visual platforms, and its lack of intuitive design made content management problematic for IWS.

Our solution was to migrate the site to a custom Squarespace implementation, which would allow for easier web editing and a gentler learning curve for those unfamiliar with back-end development. Though migration can carry the risk of content loss between platforms, we were able to manage all of those details on the client’s behalf so all the information on their website safely made the trip.

Squarespace also allowed IWS's website to appear flawlessly between different device sizes, so traditional web users and those on mobile would have the same access to information. This not only helped User Experience, but also improved Search Engine Optimization, as Google and other browsers give preference to mobile-friendly sites.

And because of the in-house maintenance provided by Squarespace, IWS would not need to pay EvenVision or another developer for help with updates, debugging or other support. This not only leads to a well-tuned website that stays up-to-date, but represents a better investment for the client.

IWS’s new site went live in Fall of 2021, and we’re pleased to report a smooth transition to a beautiful, intuitive webpage. We’re also pleased to have worked with a client who represents the passions that drive organizations to truly excel and make a difference. 

We encourage you to visit the new site to see the many projects they are a part of and consider how you can support their efforts, either through monetary donations or a simple like and subscribe.

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