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Weekly Design Tips

Welcome to our constantly updating Insight - EvenVision Design Tip of the Week.

Each week, our team at EvenVision compiles little tips regarding design that we believe are valuable and actionable for small businesses. But in their simplicity, these design tips are valuable for everyone.

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SEO Audit - EvenVision Style

 (10-15 minute read)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it's a large convoluted and messy term. But it doesn't need to be. In this post we're going to focus on a few key actionable items that provide the best returns. We will start with some of the typical questions we at EvenVision hear from clients, and follow it up with a basic audit and more holistic review. The sections will be broken up as:

Website Speed

We only get the chance to make a first impression once.

Site speed matters, because speed is the first experience people have with your website, your brand, your company. Site speed is a visitor's first impression, so let’s make sure it’s a good one.

Below we will cover the following: What is site speed? Who cares about site speed?  What can you do to improve it? And how we at EvenVision tackle Site Speed.

Should I trademark my Logo?

We’ve been asked this question numerous times so here I will attempt to provide you some basic information regarding trademarks. It’s important to note that I am not providing legal advice. For legal advice or information about your particular situation, please reach out to a qualified attorney with experience in trademark law.

1. First thing first. What is a trademark?

A trademark is “any word, slogan, symbol, design, or combination of these that: 1) identifies the source of your goods and services, and 2) distinguishes them from the goods and services of another party.”

2. Benefits of a Trademark:

Is there any real value in a trademark? Yes.

Federally Registered trademarks receive the following benefits:

Once again, we at EvenVision are not providing legal advice and so we will leave the following as direct quotes from the USPTO basics video (link found down below).

3. How do I register my logo as a Trademark?

So the benefits seem enticing, but how do you actually register a trademark? Well, it’s important to note that there is a two-tier system within the United States for registering a trademark: Federal and State. Because there is so much information about registering trademarks available, we will only be covering Federally Registered Trademarks.

4. Trademark applications can be denied.

The most basic reason a trademark application may be denied by the USPTO is based on the principle called “likelihood of confusion.” Defined below:

“likelihood of confusion between the mark in your application and a mark registered from another party.”

Here are some of the things which may be red flags for the USPTO with regards to the likelihood of confusion:

5. Inherent strength of a Trademark

Not all logos or marks are created equally, this not only has to do with the quality of their design work but also with the selection of the name. Some are indeed stronger than others, and for trademark purposes, this is an important aspect to note because the strength of a mark determines how easy it is to protect.

USPTO notes these distinct levels of strength, listed from weakest to strongest: These are pulled directly from their video regarding the basics of trademarks:

6. Do your research

Once again, filing for a trademark does not mean that you are guaranteed a trademark, nor are you able to be refunded your filing fee. Therefore, no matter what size your organization is, it’s important to spend the time in researching whether or not there is already a trademark registered that would prevent your application from being accepted.

USPTO calls this process the Trademark Clearance Search and recommends the following steps:

7. Enforcing your Trademark Rights

You are responsible for policing your trademark. If another organization infringes upon your registered trademark rights, the federal or state organizations that they are registered through will not do anything unless you initiate an action against the organization that is infringing upon your rights. That said, the USPTO will not allow a company to trademark a similar mark or logo, so there is at least some level of automated policing occurring.

To sum things up:

Should I trademark my Logo? Totally. There are some serious benefits if your business or organization plans to exist for a long duration and expand.

But the process can be long, hard and possibly expensive. You have to be smart about what you're trying to trademark and be careful about the help you acquire. Furthermore, trademarking your logo isn’t simply a one-shot process, but requires careful diligence overtime to make sure your mark is protected.

Embrace Rapid Change

Traditional business thinking has always prized stability. The way to build success, the usual thinking goes, is to protect your business by avoiding risk as much as possible. To that end, most businesses focus on finding one particular way of doing things, streamlining and perfecting that one method as much as they can, and then sticking with it as long as possible. Here at EvenVision, we look at things a little differently.

Some Social Media Marketing Basics

According to Pew Research Center, 65% of all adults use social media. Social media usage isn't just for young internet denizens anymore - everyone uses it. It's not an exaggeration to say that social media has changed the way businesses market themselves and interact with their customers. More than that, it's given businesses of all sizes a powerful marketing tool that they can use to grow a loyal online audience and attract more customers. 



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