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Ethan Red Eagle Lawton

Project Coordinator

Ethan joins EvenVision's team as our dedicated Project Coordinator, bringing a focus on visionary strategic planning to our client-focused process. His dual Bachelors in Inter-Cultural Studies, Psychology & Counseling provides him with unique insights and a collectivistic perspective that brings a highly-valued balance to each project. 

Tasked with walking alongside our clients, Ethan helps translate technical requirements into everyday actionable tasks that are organized & easy to follow. He tracks & monitors responsibilities on both sides to ensure timeliness & success of our projects while inspiring all parties to accomplish great work that solves human issues while helping to make our world more beautiful. 

Adventures have taken him around the USA with major stays in Alaska, Arizona, San Diego and most recently Humboldt County. Drawn in by the beauty of his surroundings Ethan is a student of Culture, Counseling & Theology. He thrives off experiences that stretch the imagination & fill the soul, with a passion for road trips across the nation that allow him to hike & photograph the beautiful bounty of our national parks. 

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