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Online Advertising

Many organizations have a website but need traffic. Do you?

If you have great products and services and an outstanding site that sells your goods and services, then the next step is to advertise effectively. Search optimization can help you build traffic to your site, but to scale traffic and effectively grow an online business you must do a great job of advertising. 

Advertising online offers powerful new tools to reach your audiences because of the demographic data that's available to determine who you spend money to reach. This ensures your advertising dollars are more precisely focused and effectively targeted than radio, television or print can hope to be. 

Online advertising tools also allow very precise lead tracking which allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your advertising dollar and the number of visitors you've received or in many cases, even the exact dollar amount of sales you've gained.

Google is an especially powerful advertising platform -- the unique value of their offering is that they enable advertisers to show ads to people at the moment they actually want to see them. Your ad can appear when the searcher is actually looking for your products and wants to find a provider instead of when they are trying to watch their favorite television program, read the news or listen to the radio. This ability has made Google a giant in the advertising industry -- you can reach your customers at just the moment they are looking for you. This is unique in the advertising industry and can make your ads helpful rather than obnoxious.

We'd encourage many businesses and organizations to consider shifting their advertising budget from more traditional advertising media if only for a few months to explore whether the benefits and unique strengths of marketing online is able to increase your sales and increase the effectiveness of your advertising dollar. If you'd like to give this a try, call us or contact us here!

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